1 Acre Residential Lot in Northern California

1 Acre Residential Lot in Northern California
$3,900 $5,143
City: Lethbridge
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Posted: 2014-01-25


Opportunity to Invest in California! Following a very difficult couple years for California Real Estate, prices are on the rebound with several areas seeing double digit increases reports S&P. A recent article in business week noted that “California is leading the U.S. out of the property bust”. With the price of entry still reasonable, now is the time to invest in California Real Estate. If interested please read attached notes. Many of your questions will be answered. If you want to get away from busy everyday life and enjoy the outdoors, California Pines is a great choice! California Pines is a fantastic land of lakes, streams, and lush green meadows. The ‘Cal Pines lifestyle’ includes fishing, hiking, camping, fresh air and a chance to slow down and enjoy nature. Property owners will have unlimited use of all campgrounds, fishing ponds and recreational facilities which include a pool/ game room, banquet room and restaurant. It is a country of quiet creeks and cold rushing streams, much of which is surrounded by Modoc National Forest.   CALIFORNIA PINES is located in Modoc County , California, and can be reached from either California 395 or California 299. Modoc County has a population of 9,500. The town of Alturas is 9 miles east of the entrance to Cal Pines and is the county seat of Modoc with a population of approximately 3,400. California Pines is within a 1 hour drive from the Oregon border, with Klamath Falls a little beyond that, approximately 2 hours to the west is Mount Shasta and 3 hours south east to Reno, Nevada. Modoc County has all four seasons. It has a mild summer, cool fall, snowy winters and a typical spring.   California Pines is a beautiful area similar to the foothills to the Canadian Rockies.   PROPERTY INFORMATION:   APN:                          037-172-0411 Lot description:               Lot 2, Block 19 Location:                      California Pines Hills Unit 3, Remington Rd Size:                           .95 Acre Approximately Zoned:                         Residential high density Power:                         In the area Phone:                         Cellular reception available Water:                        Septic system & well required                                           Taxes:                                                            $ 81 per year Property owner’s fees (HOA)                  $75 per year     The elevation in the Hill Units varies from 5,000 to 6,400 feet. The Hill Units cover an area of 20,000 acres, which are almost all covered with pine trees. The Hill Units have three stocked trout ponds and three campgrounds. The main paved road runs through Hill Units 1 through 3. The secondary roads in Hill Units 1 through 3 are also gravel and cinders. The power line runs along the main road through all the Hill Units.   There are no restrictions placed on the time to develop.   The 8,000 square foot Lodge sits on a small peninsula surrounded by California Pines Lake and features 28 rooms for guests, a restaurant and cocktail lounge, activity room with big-screen TV, ping-pong and pool tables. There is also a banquet room with a magnificent double-sided, oversized fire-pit, which also warms the reception area of the lodge. The grounds of the lodge include a swimming pool and outdoor recreation games.   Frequently Asked Questions:   Q Are there any hidden cost or purchase fees other than agreed price? A Yes. The only additional cost payable to the seller is $225 to cover your portion of the closing costs. Q What are the annual taxes? A $81 in 2012 Q Can a house be built on the land? A Yes. The land is zoned residential. Q How much time do I have to develop the land? A Currently, there are no timelines placed on when the property needs to be developed. Q I enjoy fishing & camping. Are there any good places to fish or camp? A Yes. You are in the land of lakes and streams. There are a number of outstanding selections within minutes drive. Owners enjoy these amenities for FREE Q What is the size of the property? A Approximately .95 acres. The property is 335 feet long & 125 feet wide Q Can Canadians own property in the United States? A Yes Q How does the transfer of ownership work? A This is a very easy process completed in 5 steps: 1. Buyer performs due diligence on the property. 2. Buyer and seller agree on terms. Seller sends copy of deed to buyer proving ownership. 3. Buyer transfers money to seller. Along with transfer of money the buyer provides name and address they want to show on the deed. 4. Seller prepares the deed and sends to Modoc County Recorder along with a copy to the buyer. 5. Modoc County Records the deed in new owners names and send the recorded copy to the buyer. This takes approximately 3-4 weeks. You are now the owner.       IF INTERESTED SEND ME ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE ALONG WITH A PHONE NUMBER.

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